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It’s 2021, time to up our rockhounding game!

Howdy, rockhounds! After a havoc filled 2020, it’s wonderful to be back on our own website, and making up for time lost. Just a few details about the year we’ve just finished, and its effect on me, personally. I began 2020 with a full calendar of field trips and rock shows planned, which would follow a first quarter dedicated to health concerns. Following a January filled with tests both invasive and passive, February began with a surgical procedure that would help me walk more easily, which was supposed to be followed by 6-8 weeks of recuperating and rehabilitation. The surgery went well, as did the first few weeks of recuperating, but we all know how things went down hill from February. The well intended precautions against the COVID-19 virus ended all of my best laid business and rockhounding plans. Instead of getting back into the swing of a busy and profitable year, the show year ended before it could begin. I’d opted to skip the Quartzsite shows for my health, so 2020 turned out to be a complete zero as far as monetary profits were concerned. February marked the beginning of the toughest, loneliest year of my life. When the quarantine period began, my darling Laura was spending most of her time taking care of her parents. Stay tuned for more tomorrow! Kris
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This Thanksgiving, I'll be in the Mojave Desert!

Howdy, rockhounds!

I know that I'm a bit late in posting info for the 2019 Thanksgiving Rockhound Odyssey into the Mojave Desert, but here's the skinny.

We'll be starting out at the Hesperia Rock & Gem Show, on November 16th & 17th. I'll take a day off on the 18th, to drop my show inventory and do a little recon for the first days of the field trips.

Field Trip Day #1 & 2 - Nov. 19 & 20 - Castle Butte, the Boron Area, and the Kramer Hills, California

Field Trip Day #3 - Nov. 21 - Turquoise and Travel to Barstow Area

Field Trip  Day #4 & 5 - Nov. 22 & 23 - The Calico's East, and Afton Canyon

 Field Trip Day #6 - Nov. 24 - Travel and Rest Day

Field Trip Day #7 - Nov. 25 - I-40 Thulite Quarry and chalcedony, Ludlow Copper District

Field Trip Day #8 - Nov. 26 -  The South Cady's, with new sites!

Field Trip Day #9 - Nov. 27 - More South Cady's, and the Ludlow Area, then homeward bound.

For more details on joining in this adventure, for one day or all, download and read the attached PDF file.


I hope to see you there!

Kris Rowe

(559) 250-5057

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Finally catching up ...

Howdy, friends. I know it's been awhile since any updates, so here we go!

The trip I was preparing for when I made my first Blogpost to this new website turned out to be the trip of a lifetime, in many ways. It was filled with joyous firsts, and a few quite sorrowful happenings. I came away from the experience with renewed faith in my purpose, and a whole lot of experiences to process. I’m working on the trip report, and plan to post it in the next few weeks.

After summer wrapped up, September and early October were filled with quite a bit of personal dread. Since April, pain and stiffness in my left hand has become slowly and steadily worse.
My doctor tried massage and other non-invasive treatment, with no improvement. In September, I had comprehensive x-rays, and a MRI of my spine and shoulders, with a new doctor. She prepared me for the worst possibility; spinal degradation, with spinal fusion surgery the most likely treatment.

Happily, the results of all the tests were not as dire as feared. I have arthritis in both of my shoulders, and in my neck and upper spine. The pain and stiffness, now affecting both hands and my neck and shoulders, appears to be caused by arthritis causing pressure on my spinal chord.
The immediate treatment for the arthritis was to add naproxen to my meds, and work on referring me to a neurosurgeon for possible surgery. We'll see what they say.

My hand tremors have also increased, so much that I was having real trouble typing, even on a keyboard. The Dr. adjusted my meds upwards, with good results. I'm typing again!

Today I'm fighting a little bug, and trying to prepare for the Santa Rosa Mineral and Gem Society show, this weekend. Here's a link for the show details, and a coupon for $1 off on admission.

My final word is this; I'm not quitting, and I hope to see all of my rockhound friends, on Facebook, here at the new website, at a rock and gem show, or out on a field trip soon!


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We're Under Construction!

Howdy, Rockhounds!

Yes, you're at the right website for Rockhound Field Trip Fanaztics!

We're in our ninth year on the Web, and after multiple site failures, are in the process of building a new site. 

 At the moment, I'm on a Rockhound Odyssey in Davis Creek, California, and the Oregon Outback.

When I return, I'll approve any new member applications, and start the search for co-Admins and moderators.

They'll help to build this site 'stronger, faster and better' than any of our past sites.

Thanks for your patience, more great stuff is right around the corner!


Kris Rowe, The Admin


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